Monthly Archives: March 2012

Amy Reading on NPR

Amy more than held her own with Scott Simon last Saturday. You can listen in here: True, she didn’t get around to Lou (it was only a seven minute segment), but we forgive her. Great job, Amy! We’ll have more to say on her book, The Mark Inside, soon.

The Mark Inside

Looks like Lou will be coming soon to an NPR station near you. Author Amy Reading will be on Weekend Edition with Scott Simon this coming Saturday, March 24th, to talk about her new book The Mark Inside (Random House Digital, Inc.). For what it’s worth, she will also be on a Denver noontime TV news show on Wednesday (don’t have… (more…)

Killer Kate Blonger Apprehended at Last!

Killed By a Woman Back in 2003, one of the very first items we found when we began searching the Internet was an article about a prostitute by the name of Kitty Blonger. On February 22, 1888, in the mining town of Peach Springs, AT, Kitty was arrested for the murder of blacksmith Charles Hill. It became clear early on… (more…)

Joe Finally Shows His Face

Well, new information has been scant in recent months, but yesterday Scott turned on the spigot. Several new items from are now in the pipe, and one in particular that solves a longstanding mystery. But first, since we were just talking about him behind his back, let’s briefly get back to Little Big Joe Blonger. For what it’s worth,… (more…)