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Con Artists Podcast

The podcast Con Men recently released a thoughtful take and Lou and his Denver mob, sometimes known as the “Million Dollar Bunco Ring.”

The Blonger Stable

Later in life Lou was well known in racing circles across the country, but Sam was the true fancier. It can be argued that, by the time he died, Sam was better known for his thoroughbreds than anything else. We’ve come across a host of horses listed either as being run by Sam, or by Blonger Bros. Now the Salt Lake Herald-Republican, May 15,… (more…)

Bat Goes to the Big Apple

For a bit more detail on the New York portion of Bat Masterson’s tale, we turn to friend of the site and world expert on Masterson, Bob DeArment, who literally wrote the book. What follows is gleaned from a 2001 article DeArment wrote for Wild West magazine. Let’s start the story here: At the turn of the 20th century, Lou… (more…)

Wyatt Earp’s Cow-boy Campign

Not long ago, our old friend Chuck Hornung published a new book about the Earp vendetta titled Wyatt Earp’s Cow-boy Campaign: The Bloody Restoration of Law and Order Along the Mexican Border, 1882. Chuck is a great researcher and author, but of course our particular interest is on the selfish side. I won’t rehash the entire OK Corral/Vendetta Ride situation… (more…)

Joe’s Valise

In March of 1910, Joe ran into a bit of bad luck in Eureka, California, when his suitcase was stolen. Here’s the message he ran in the Humboldt Times: LOST–The party that swiped my grip on D street, Eureka, do the diaries and papers in a package, leave it in Urquhardt’s office, Metropole Hotel; they are no good to you–do… (more…)