Amy Reading on Focus 580

Amy Reading, whose new book “The Mark Inside” has been the subject of several posts here, will be interviewed on Illinois Public Radio tomorrow (Wednesday, April 25).  If you happen to live in central Illinois like we do, you can listen live on WILL, AM 580.  Elsewhere, you can listen in almost real time to the stream (click the “LISTEN” link). Either way, you can call in if you have a question. The hour-long show starts at 10 am Central Time.  If you happen to miss the live event, you can replay the show from the archives on the same page.

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  1. scott says:

    Apropos of nothing: About a month ago I was listening to Focus 580 when, 35 minutes into the show the guest, an investigative reporter for the New York Times, suddenly said that the newsroom has just erupted with activity and his coworkers were signaling for him to get off the phone immediately to get to work on a breaking story. The host, David Inge, let the guest go — what else could he do? — and rather than tap-dance for the final 25 minutes of the show, joined the BBC News in progress. A few minutes later, the BBC did a segment in which the missing guest was interviewed, live. So the jig was up, and Inge chuckled that it was the first time he’d been stood up in the middle of a show. David’s been around for along time and is retiring soon; I guess he can now that he’s seen it all. Good luck, Amy.

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