Sam Was Definitely An Asshole

In 1893, Sam’s wife Sadie Wilson–who we believe to be an alias for killer prostitute Kitty Blonger–sued for divorce, citing multiple incidents of violence and emotional distress. Turns out the incident wasn’t unique.

The Blonger Bros. were deeply invested in the Leadville boom of 1879. In short order they were working multiple claims in the district, and he even ran for mayor that year. But to some, he was known as just another faro dealer downtown.

Sam Blonger, well known as a faro-dealer in one of the dance halls, while enjoying a buggy ride with Miss Minnie Dunne, a vocalist on the variety stage, became angry at some remark passed by his fair companion, and very ungallantly administered to her a severe horse-whipping, the marks of some of the blows being plainly visible upon the unfortunate woman’s face. A warrant was sworn out and placed in the hands of Deputy Jeffery to serve, but when a search for he man was made by the officer, the culprit was found to have left the town.

Leadville Daily Herald, July 7, 1880

Sam’s wife at the time, Ella, and their son Frank, were safely ensconced in Denver at the time, where the Blonger Bros. also reportedly had as yet unknown business interests.

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