The Belongers of Shullsburg

Some more Shullsburg newspaper pages became available. There was a series called “History of Shullsburg” that ran during 1911-12.  Of particular interest is the entry from November 30, 1911, and the one that follows, which touch on the Belonger homestead. Whether it refers to Simon Sr. or Michael I haven’t yet decided.

The history was written by J. E. Rule, who came to Shullsburg in 1849.


Rule writes of wagons passing through town on their way west full of hope, or perhaps headed back east in disappointment, and camping in a field with good grass on the edge of town. On a hill above the field was a cabin built by Capt. Tom Hoskins.

The Belongers next occupied the modest structure—either Simon Peter and his family of eleven, or Mike and his twelve. Perhaps both, over the years.

Flowing from a rift in the hill was a small spring named for the family. The valley was an ideal camp, and it proved popular with the Roma, suggesting the Belonger children had easy access to a wealth of storytelling.

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