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January 2008


Sorry to be MIA, but there's a lot going on:

There's a new page on Frontier Gamblers about the Blongers.

As of Jan. 1, WOLA and NOLA have combined to form the Wild West History Association. The website isn't up yet, but will be soon — Scott and I are the webmasters.

The Van Cise Project is proceeding apace, and a magazine article seems to be in the offing.

On the research front, there's much more new information to come about the Gangs of Denver, and much more.



Sons and Daughters of the Forest Queen

William Neil Dennison

We just heard from Rebecca Williams, a relative of Col. William Neil Dennison. Back in September we heard from Dennison's great-great-great grandson, Rob Frenckel. Dennison was a partner in the Forest Queen, a veteran of Antietam, a Denver lawyer, and one-time DA — though he may just have been assistant, still not sure.

And yesterday we spoke to Rob McCullough — he'll have to tell me if that's right — great-grandson of J.W. McCulloch/McCullough, distiller of Kentucky's Green River Whiskey, "The Whiskey Without A Headache"   and official Whiskey of the U.S. Navy, the Marine Hospital (precursor of the Institutes of Health), and the Panama Canal Commission. J.W., according to the tale, bought his interest in the FQ from Lou for twenty barrels his storied of whiskey.

And all this after speaking this summer with Jim Jackson, grandson of another FQ partner, O.W. Jackson.

Green River Whiskey

Oh yeah, one more thing. Rob says the Green River distillery is up and running again — they're just waiting on the labels! I'll drink to that.

In fact, I say we make it the official whiskey of the Sons and Daughters of the Forest Queen.



Wild West History Association

We'd like to announce the opening of the Wild West History Association website,

Scott and I put the design together (it may have a familiar feel), and we hope they find it useful. As times go by it will be filled with great stuff on the WWHA Journal and Newsletter, the annual Wild West Roundup, photos, research tools and more.

Particularly exciting is the Wild West Forum, which will hopefully soon be buzzing with all sorts of great banter on the subject. It should be a great place for conversation — and for getting answers from the experts.


January 2008



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