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February 2009


Van Cise Gets Shaft

And no, they're not naming an elevator after him.



Van Cise Has No Cronies

Looks like Alan Prendergast isn't the only one miffed at the decision - The Examiner joins Westword:


Al Connors

Just heard from BJ, descended from Al Connors, of Albuquerque.

Great site! I am the great grandaughter of "Al Connors " one of the owners of Marble Hall in Albuquerque. "Al Connors" was an alias for Zachary Taylor Heal. He had escaped from a Virginia prison where he was serving time for Grand Larceny! (thus the alias) My grandmother would have died if she had known anything of her parents past!

Al is familiar to us from an article regarding the arrest of Con Caddigan (who successfully ran against Sam for constable of Albuquerque after Sam's dismissal as marshal) and Billy Nuttall (of Deadwood fame). About the time the Blongers left Albuquerque, Cassigan and Nuttall were run out of town after being implicated in a bunko scheme — along with Al Connors.



Not Over Till It's Over



It's Not Over!

Cindy Van Cise writes to say:

Dear friends, Craig, Scott and Alan, the three of you have been instrumental in the success of the Denver Justice Center now have the name VAN CISE - SIMONETT DETENTION BUILDING. This was the motion that the Committee of 9 out of the 13 city council members approved and will discuss with the other members and hopefully approve and send to the mayors office to be made into a BILL and have it be a done deal...


February 2009



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