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Alias Soapy Smith

The Florida Rogues Gallery.

These were found by Michael Webb in a box full of artifacts from Jacksonville, Florida. We believe them to be part of a rogue's gallery — a collection of mugshots kept by a police department or the like for possible future use in identifying criminals.

Everyone in the collection was arrested in Van Cise's raid in 1922, as noted at the bottom of each. This represents nearly everyone arrested that day, save Lou, Kid Duff, and a few others. The back of each card indicates these belonged to the Jacksonville PD.

William Loftus

Homer French

Walter Byland

Len Reamey

Roy Coyne

William Dougherty

Leon Felix

William Mead

Ralph Sadler

Charles Smith

Grove Sullivan

George Williams

C.V. Williams

James Smith

John Grady

George Belcher

T.J. Brady

Louis Mushnick

Emory King

Jack Hardaway

Stephen Olsen

George Kelley

Audley Potts

Thomas Beech

Arthur Cooper



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