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The Mark Inside

True History of the Famous Blonger Bros.

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Evening Review
Commentary by Craig and Scott Johnson


Our New Blog

Like the operating system on my laptop, the old Blonger Bros. Blog is tragically behind the times. So we enter the Twenty-First Century.

As some of you know, updates have been sparse for a while now. We've culled most of what there is to find on the internet, and haven't had the opportunity to do any on-site research in a couple of years now. New items of interest pop up now and then, but all in all the 'Tens have been pretty quiet.

What that means, among other things, is that those who used to check this space often have found less and less reason to do so.

Accordingly, we are upgrading to a WordPress blog. Visitors can create a user and subscribe to updates. Please consider it, and you'll never miss a new item or interesting observation. You can find the new blog by clicking the BLONGER BROS. BLOG link to the upper left, or by going to


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