Ace of Spades
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Alias Soapy Smith

Just the Facts.

Piecing together the Blonger story involves verifying
hundreds of interconnected events that occurred all over the U.S.

Many of these events are described in the following sources: the Swinbank Bible, the Armstrong and Swinbank accounts, Lou Blonger's pension file, several different obituaries, and Fighting the Underworld by Philip Van Cise. At first blush many of the events appear to be tall tales, but several have been verified or at the very least, seem likely to be true.

Telluride Lawman

  • The Young Belonger Family
  • Sam's Early Exploits
  • The War Years
  • The Boomtown Years
  • Little Big Joe
  • The Southwest Years
  • The Blonger Mines
  • Denver & The Big Store
  • Marriage & Divorce
  • End of the Blongers



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