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Like many of the mining ilk, the five Blonger Bros. who went west seemed to have little use for a family. Although all of them married, none of them lived with their wives or family during their best years. And oddly, though they fathered at least ten children, none of the western Blongers has any known living descendants.

Back home in Shullsburg, Michael Belonger and his sister Mary Belonger Swinbank made up for their siblings. All told they raised fourteen children and have hundreds of living descendants, most living in Wisconsin and Illinois.

We have not been able to trace the progeny of the eldest sister, Julia Belonger Revoir, beyond 1892, when she and her six children lived in the Massachusetts towns of Ayer, Shirley, and Leominster.

We are interested in cataloging Blonger/Belonger family members. If you are a Blonger descendant, we'd like to know about it.

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Descendants of Simon Peter Belonger and Judith Kennedy

Blonger Brother or Sister Children Grandchildren Living Descendants
Simon R. Blonger Laura Helen Blonger (McLean) probably none no known living descendants
Elizabeth Blonger probably none
Emma J. Blonger (Sandhofer) probably none
Samuel R. Blonger none
Fred L. Blonger none
Mary Catherine Blonger none
Julia Belonger (Revoir) Myra Revoir none many living relatives
Wilfred Rivers Paul Rivers
Marguerite Rivers
Norma Rivers (Tetkoski)
Charles Rivers
Leona Rivers
Ellen Revoir (Griffith) none
Alfred Rivers Pansy Rivers (Morrison) (Athey)
Frank Rivers
Hazel Rivers (Gilmartin)
Alfred Rivers
Otis Rivers
Julia Rivers (Reid)
Cyril Rivers
May Revoir (Ethier) (Bartlett) Charles Ethier
Ellsworth Bartlett
Emma Revoir none
Eli Revoir none
Edward Rivers none
Louis Revoir none
Samuel H. Blonger Mable Blonger none no known living descendants
Frank H. Blonger none

Michael Belonger

Julia Belonger (Dunn)
Agnes Dunn hundreds of living descendants
John Dunn
Catherine Dunn
Mary Ellen Dunn (Foht)
Michael Dunn
Julia Dunn (Cottingham)
Elizabeth Adeline Dunn (Hollander)
Patrick William Dunn
Ida Frances Dunn
Bridget A. Dunn
Loretta Dunn
James M. Dunn

Regina Magdalena Belonger (Purkapile)
William Purkapile
Mary E. Purkapile (Peacock)
Regina K. Purkapile (Winder)
Myrtle F. Purkapile (Weaver) (March) (Beeck)
Evelyn Purkapile
Leroy John Purkapile
Anna Purkapile (Mundinger)

Mary Augustine Belonger (Braley)
John Michael Braley
Mary Arminta Braley (Wunderl)
Francis Morris Braley
Elizabeth F. Braley (Rose)
Joseph Orville Braley
Ella Gertrude Braley (Powers)

Ida May Belonger (Whitechurch)
George Whitechurch
Mary Whitechurch  (Cottingham) (Bledsoe) (Braaten)
Louis Whitechurch

John Michael Belonger

Frances Belonger (Bailey)
Ray Bailey
Anna Bailey
Silas Bailey
Marian Agnes Bailey (Roddick) (Nodorft)

Ellen Belonger (Coulthard)
Mary Coulthard (Armstrong)
Ellen Coulthard (Keough)
Helen Coulthard (Koester)
Annie Coulthard

Elizabeth Belonger
(one story is that she married a man named John Cox and lived in Missouri)

Bridget Belonger (Smith) (O'Rourke)
Irene Smith (O'Connor)
Harry Orville Smith
Frances Emily Smith
Theodore Robert Smith
Veronica Smith (Bauer) (Noshkin)
Elizabeth Frances O'Rourke (Rouse)
Mary V. O'Rourke (Conrad)
Wilbur Francis O'Rourke

Clara Belonger
Elizabeth Belonger probably died unmarried probably none no known living descendants
Joseph Blonger probably none probably none no known living descendants

Louis Herbert Blonger
none none no known living descendants
Marvin E. Blonger Abbie Caroline Blonger (Kervin) Harold J. Kervin no known living descendants
Edward Herbert Kervin
Edward L. Blonger unknown
Ollie Mae Blonger (Buick) Leila L. Buick (Renoud)
Mary C. Blonger (Swinbank) Cora Frances Swinbank (Hill) Virgie T. Hill dozens of living descendants
Elizabeth Swinbank (Rodham) Frederick C. Rodham
Marion Rodham
Charles E. Rodham
E. Leone Rodham
Thomas Simon Swinbank Gladys Maree Swinbank
William G. Swinbank
Everett Swinbank
Wilfred Swinbank
Joseph C. Swinbank
Margie Swinbank
Leroy Swinbank
male Swinbank none
Eugene Swinbank none

Total Known Descendants
as of Feb. 6, 2004
many descendants have yet to be identified

Generations from
I. Simon Peter Belonger 
and Judith Kennedy

Blonger Brother 
or Sister

His or Her Children Grand- children Great- Grand- children Great- Great- Grand- children Great- Great- Great- Grand- children Great- Great- Great- Great- Grand- children

Simon R. Blonger

6 0        

Julia Belonger (Revoir)

 7 ?        

Samuel H. Blonger

2 0        

Michael Belonger

 10  44 87 145 147 55
subtotals for each of Michael's children Julia Belonger (Dunn) 12 19 33 54 45
Regina Belonger (Purkapile) 7 5      
Mary Augustine Belonger (Braley) 6 14 43 44 3
Ida May Belonger (Whitechurch) 3 4 5 9 7
John Michael Belonger 0        
Frances Belonger (Bailey) 4 11 5    
Ellen Belonger (Coulthard) 4 18 46 34  
Elizabeth Belonger ?        
Bridget Belonger (Smith) (O'Rourke) 8 16 13 6  
Clara Belonger 0        

Elizabeth Belonger


Joseph Blonger


Louis Herbert Blonger


Marvin E. Blonger

3 3 1      

Mary C. Blonger (Swinbank)

5 13 1      




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