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Alias Soapy Smith

Michael Belonger's Family.



Michael Belonger was the only one of the Blonger Bros. to leave a lasting human legacy.  While his brothers' lines have all been extinguished, Michael lives on in his daughters' many descendants (his son, John, had no children).

If you are a descendant of one of Michael Belonger's daughters and would like to have your name listed here, please contact us.  We're also looking for good pictures of our ancestors.

  Biographical Information

Right now we have basic information.  We'd like to flesh these profiles out with your personal reminiscences.

Some Modern Descendants

Those folks marked with an asterisk have provided us with new information.  Thank you!
(The numerals indicates generations removed from the ancestor to the left.)
Julia Belonger, born in 1865, married Martin P. Dunn in 1885.  Martin was a zinc miner in Benton, Wisconsin, a few miles west of Shullsburg.  The couple had twelve children.  Julia died in 1941. Casey Foht2*
Regina Belonger, born in 1867, married William Purkapile about 1891. William was a farmer in Monticello Twp., south of Shullsburg.  The couple had seven children. Regina died in 1938.  
Mary Augustine Belonger, born in 1869, married John D. Braley in 1895. About 1920 they  moved to Madison, where John was a custodian at the University of Wisconsin. The couple had six children. Mary died in 1947. Bev Berry2*
Scott Johnson3
Craig Johnson3
Ida May Belonger, born in 1871, married Adam Whitechurch (originally Weiskirche) in 1891.  They moved to Rock Island, Ill., where Adam worked for John Deere, and later returned to Platteville, Wis. The couple had three children. Ida died in 1945. Joan Lehan2*
John Michael Belonger, born in 1874, never married, remaining on the family farm, which he took over after his father's death in 1924.  John died in 1949. had no children
Frances Belonger, born in 1877, married Silas Joseph Bailey in 1903. Silas was a farmer near Platteville, Wis. The couple had four children. Frances died in 1945. Andy3
Ellen (Nellie) Belonger, born in 1878, married John Coulthard in 1911. John was a farmer in White Oak Springs Twp., south of Shullsburg. The couple had four children. Ellen died in 1957. Helen1*
Mary Virginia2*
Elizabeth Belonger, born in 1880. One story is that she eloped with a man named John Cox. She is not mentioned in her father's obituary (1924), but Regina's obit (1938) says Elizabeth was alive and in Missouri, with no husband listed. Other obits seem to indicate she died between Julia (1941) and Ida (1945).  If you know anything about her, we'd love to hear from you.  ?
Bridget Belonger, born in 1882, married Harry Wesley Smith in 1906, by whom she had five children. After his death, she married Patrick J. O'Rourke in 1915, and had three more children.  Patrick was a laborer near Platteville, Wis.  Bridget died in 1964. Carolyn Salsman2*
Mike O'Connor2*
Bette Steinbrenner2*
Clara Belonger, born in 1886, never married, remaining on the family farm, where she attended to her aging father. She died in 1920 at the age of 34.  had no children

Thanks also to Fran Matl for her genealogical research in Shullsburg.




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