Ace of Spades
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Alias Soapy Smith

Rise of the Blongers: 1888-1903.

Just how does one become The Fixer?

Once settled into Denver, the Blonger Bros. established a base of power
and influence that would shield their actvities for decades.


  • The Blongers Come To Denver
    After years running saloons in the gold camps, the Blongers finally settle in to Denver and begin building their organization.

  • The Forest Queen
    By now veteran gamblers and lawmen, Sam & Lou Blonger strike it rich in 1892.

  • The City Hall War
    The governor calls out the militia to wrest city hall by force from the influence of Denver's "gambling fraternity."

  • Vice Crackdown of 1894
    The governor's new police commissioners close down Denver's vice districts, but not for long.

  • The Battle of Bull Hill
    Union miners and the sheriff's department duke it out on Bull Hill, with the militia in between.

  • The Tarsney Outrage
    Lou is involved in the investigation of an assualt on militia commander Tarsney.

  • War of the Fixers?
    Soapy Smith was a hero of the City Hall War — to those at city hall, anyway — but a night of violence threatens his future in Colorado, and tips the balance to the Blongers.

  • Strong Arm of the Law
    The Blongers' ties to politicians and law enforcement were longstanding, and critical to their success.

  • The Fall of Lou Blonger
    In the end, no one could, or would, save him from his fate.



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