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Alias Soapy Smith

Blongers in Fiction.

Though not exactly fabled, a few authors through the years have siezed upon the man described in Fighting the Underworld and used him for their own nefarious purposes.


  • Mattie Silks (retitled The Gamblers) by Matt Braun
    Matt Braun gives "Lou Blomger" a starring role in his tale of how Denver's most famous madam rose to prominence and fame

  • Shadow Killers by Matt Braun
    PI Cole Braddock goes to see Lou Blonger when he needs a favor and needs it bad

  • High Sierra by W.R. Burnett
    Mad Dog Earle knows all about Boss Blonger in this 1941 novel

  • Arizona! by Johan Ragnarsson
    Lou was cast as the villain in this 2007 theatrical production in Sweden

  • The Sting by David S. Ward
    Lou's gang serves as one inspiration for this 1973 film



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