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The Mark Inside

Con Game Cartoons.

These newspaper cartoons ran during the trial to explain the somewhat confusing twists and turns of the big con.

con game sketch
con game sketch
con game sketch
con game sketch
con game sketch
con game sketch con game sketch
Bunc Street Market

This last one was printed at the time of Lou's conviction in 1923.


In March, 1921, just months before the downfall of Lou's operation in Denver, the Atlanta Constitution published an article explaining the big store cons used in that city by a gang under the control of one recently-arrested Floyd P. Woodward.

Atlanta Big Store

Operating since 1919, the article stresses that it was the establishment of the facility itself, in the Flatiron Building, that drew con men their from across the country. Of course, the "fix" was just as vital, and they had that, too.

Here's W.D. Hill, victim of the Atlanta operation to the tune of $2500.

W.D. Hill

With publicity like this, you can see how folks might be reluctant to report anything.



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