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The Mark Inside

International Fame.


Lou's reputation as a con man and fixer is well known in other lands. Witness these articles from foreign websites that have been translated using automated online services.



The swindlers are mouths andante. Working single or in equipment, they fall on the population, "releasing" to the citizens of his savings, hard won. Some of the swindles are elaborated, involving to equipped equipment with watchmen, hooks, rented buildings or offices, etc. Others are simple subjects, transactions that only require estafadore and not more of few minutes. Denver (Colorado) is well-known like "safe port" for hundreds of swindlers. There, the Artist Lou Blonger completely controls the police and the government, maintaining near 500 swindlers under his control and receiving of each one a percentage of his gains. INCOME: Low to low Means. CONTACTS And CONNECTIONS: Other swindlers. ABILITIES: To haggle, To disguise themselves, Quackery, To listen, To persuade, Psychology, To discover. PARTICULARITITIES: Immune to Quackery and To persuade. The use against them of Psychology is useless if it is not known the swindler well.



Canadian was in (to) first delinquent bosem pólswiatka Denver Lou Blonger, known as magician. He (it) has arrived for city in year 1880, along with brother — self-service store. Both (both of) have set up (have founded) common illegal interest (business) — casino and public house. It has been sure fastly Blonger, that it requires such activity payment of police backing, that has made too. Had special even, private phone line, which (who) connected him (it) with chief of police directly. It has been enlisted in year for organization 1904 called „ " — slight Adolph W. Duff Kid Duffy kieszonkowiec and gambler.




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