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Together Again.


In the spring of 1882,
Sam, Lou and Joe reunited for the first time in nine years.


Albuquerque Morning Journal, February 15, 1882

L. H. Blonger, a brother of Marshal Blonger, from Texas, arrived in the city yesterday morning on a visit.


Albuquerque Evening Review, March 7, 1882

Deputy Marshal J.T. Blonger captured a Colt's 45 early this morning from a man who was making preparations to "run amuck."


Albuquerque Evening Review, March 13, 1882

Two or three days ago Marshal Blonger sent a man down to Cerrillos to take in an individual who was wanted here. The deputy returned without his man but brought to the marshal a far more welcome capture in the form of Joseph Blonger, a brother whom he had not seen for nine years and had long since given up as dead. Joe is the youngest of the three Blonger brothers, all of whom are now in Albuquerque. He left the family circle in Salt Lake City nine years ago and has led an adventurous life since. The three brothers are all of them young, nervy and square western men and it would be a good thing for the town if they were all on the police force.

NOTE: How could Deputy Marshal J. T. be at work before he arrived in town?


The New Mexican, April 21, 1883

Discovery of Old Workings, Stone Hammers and Chisels.
Messrs. Blonger and Whalen, who have the contract of sinking a shaft in the Bottom Dollar mine, near Cerrillos, made an interesting discovery on Monday last. While working at a depth of 110 feet they dropped into an old tunnel made by the Spaniards no less than 200 years ago and out of the debris they took a number of stone hammers, chisels and picks and found every evidence that this mine belongs to the same class of sliver producing mines as does the Mina del Tiro property, which is the most perfect Spanish mine yet discovered in this part of the country. These stone tools were left in the mine by the Pueblo Indians, and have lain there since the revolt of 1680, at which time the Indians filled up the mines with rubbish to hide them and prevent the Spaniards from discovering and working them. The owners of this mine, who are in Santa Fe, are very much gratified of this evidence of the former value of the Bottom Dollar property. Messrs. Blonger and Whalen will resume work to-day and will bring these old chisels and hammers to Santa Fe to-morrow or the day following.




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