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The Mark Inside

The Novelty Theatre.


These 1879 ads are for a theater company run by Lou (presumably) and a man named Day in Georgetown, not far from Leadville.


Geaorgetown Miner, ad for Novelty Theater

Colorado Miner Nov. 15, 1879

This place of amusements, under the proprietorship of Messrs. Day and Blonger, with Mr. Lascell as Director of Amusements, has been running to good houses all the week, and will undoubtedly be crowded to-night, as a fine bill is to be presented.
[Missing text]
Rip Van Winkle is now in rehearsal.
The performances of the Laischelle Family, as champion gymnasts, gave great satisfaction, and were loudly applauded.
New attractions next week. Look out for them.

Colorado Miner, ad for Novelty Theater




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