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Alias Soapy Smith

Sam on the Rebound.


After he was fired from his position as marshal,
Sam wasted no time getting on with his life.


Albuquerque Morning Journal, August 22, 1882

Smith, of the varieties, and Sam Blonger had trouble Sunday night. No human bones were broken, but the bones of an umbrella were used up over the head of the showman.


Albuquerque Morning Journal, September 2, 1882

S. H. Blonger, who for a long time acceptably filled the position of marshal of New Albuquerque, is about to leave here for Prescott, Arizona, where he expects to go into the hotel business. Sam is an old hotel man, having for four years run a first-class hostlery in one of the principal towns in Iowa. His many friends in Albuquerque wish him nothing but success in his new venture, and Prescott people can depend upon it that he will keep a good house.


Albuquerque Evening Review, September 6, 1882

S. H. Blonger has gone to Prescott.


Albuquerque Morning Journal, September 7, 1882

S. H. Blonger started for Prescott, Arizona, yesterday morning. He expects to engage in the hotel business there.


Albuquerque Morning Journal, September 14, 1882

S. H. Blonger returned from Prescott yesterday afternoon. He thinks that place is a boomer, and he will probably return and locate.


Albuquerque Morning Journal, May 5, 1883

Ex-marshal S. H. Blonger had a running horse, Sorrel Dan, entered at Pueblo, but the best he could do was second place.


Albuquerque Morning Journal, June 29, 1883

Sam Blonger shipped his racing horses to Santa Fe last evening on the emigrant train. Other turfmen now holding stock in Las Vegas will follow suit to-day. — Gazette




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