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Alias Soapy Smith

Shootout on Railroad Avenue.


Mixologists on a drunken rampage.


Albuquerque Evening Review, March 7, 1882

Two roughs last night fired on Marshal Blonger and a party of his brother deputies from an adobe house north of Railroad avenue. They were pursued and escaped. Blonger's party fired eighteen shots at the two miscreants, none of which took effect.


Albuquerque Morning Journal, March 8, 1882

They are Nipped For Once and Will be made to Suffer the Penalty of Their Foolishness.
Monday night J.M. Lewis and C.W. Soper, two mixologists, went out for the purpose of having a little fun. Their idea of fun seemed to be to fill up their skins with bad whisky and fire their revolvers in the air just for the fun of hearing the report. Marshal Blonger heard the reports and deputizing L. H. Blonger and Charlie Ronan went in pursuit of the men. They followed them, braving the heavy wind and sand which filled their eyes and faces, to their room, in an adobe building in the northwest suburbs of the city. As soon as the officers came up to the house the two "funny" men commenced firing at them through the window and the officers returned the fire, at the same time getting at a safe distance from the improvised fort. As soon as they retreated the two fellows rushed out, uttering the nearest they could to Apache war whoops, and firing their guns at Marshal Blonger's party, who returned the fire. Soper and Lewis escaped under cover of the storm and darkness, but they were arrested yesterday, and brought before Judge Sullivan who placed them under bonds of one thousand dollars each to appear for examination this morning. This promiscuous shooting and spreeing lawlessness will have to be stopped and these fellows will receive a just punishment.


Albuquerque Evening Review, March 8, 1882

S. M. Lewis and C. W. Soper, the two men who amused themselves Monday night by shooting at Marshal Blonger and his deputies, were to have appeared before judge Sullivan this morning but their trial was postponed until to-morrow.




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