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Denver Times, April 7, 1892

Bros. Gambling House Closed.
The fire and police board met yesterday. The most important action taken was an order to close up the gambling house of Blonger Bros., at 1744 Larimer street. The discovery was made that a systematic bunco game was being carried on at this joint, and that the unwary were composed largely of young men of very tender years. Many cases of bold swindling were brought to the attention of the board, and heroic measures wore agreed upon. The place was closed last night by the police.
A complete list of saloons authorized to carry on business was made up, but there were no report received of any crookedness on the part of dealers; some errors of a minor nature, such as the spelling of names, were discovered.
The board met with the county commisioners and the state board of corrections and charities at the state house yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock to consider the question of establishing a workhouse.
A special meeting of the board will be held this afternoon for consultation with City Attorney Williams as to what shall be done in regard to the suits for violation of city ordinances which have been appealed to the county court.




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