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Sam's Beautiful Badge.


A beautiful gold badge in the form of a shield, suspended from a scroll,
on the latter being engraved the words: "Presented to Sam Blonger,"
and on the shield, "Marshal New Albuquerque."


We have read about Sam Blonger's City Marshal badge in the Albuquerque newspapers, and are extremely interested in having a look. Sam Blonger was our great-great-great uncle, and this site is dedicated to Sam and his brother Lou.

We also understand that one of Sam's pistols may accompany the badge. We would be very interested in obtaining a photo. We're not in the market to buy them — they're probably out of our price range — but we would dearly love to see them.

If you have any information on how we might contact the badge's current owner, please contact us:

fixer @
Craig Johnson
312 W. Oak St.
Heyworth, IL 61745


Albuquerque Morning Journal March 16, 1882

Pleasant Presentation.
Last night a number of the friends of S. H. Blonger assembled at the White House, and, catching that gentleman there between the hours of 9 and 10, conducted him to the restaurant, in the rear of the building. Charlie Montaldo stepped forward, and, in the names of the friends of the marshal presented him with a handsome gold badge. The badge was made by P. E. Curran, of this city, and will be an appropriate ornament to the vest front of our efficient marshal. Mr. Blonger thanked the donors for their handsome present, and expressed himself as greatly pleased to learn that the citizens and business men of Albuquerque were satisfied with the manner in which he had performed his duty as an officer, and said that he would do all in his power in the future to merit a continuance of their approval and support. Several bottles of Mumm's extra dry(®) were then brought in and all united in drinking to the health of the most efficient officer New Albuquerque has ever had.


Albuquerque Evening Review March 16, 1882

For some time past the friends of Marshal Blonger, who are many and appreciative, have been talking over a little scheme whereby he might be shown that his worth was acknowledged. Their consultation resulted in an invitation being extended to the marshal "to meet a party of his friends in the White House dining room on police business," and nothing suspecting, he walked in last night at the appointed time, finding himself surrounded by friends.
As spokesman for the party, Charley Montaldo then advanced and presented the surprised officer, in the name of his friends there assembled, a beautiful gold badge in the form of a shield, suspended from a scroll, on the latter being engraved the words: "Presented to Sam Blonger," and on the shield, "Marshal New Albuquerque."
The recipient accepted the badge, and in a few feeling words expressed his thanks, after which the party sat down to an appetizing lunch, accompanied by frequent libations of Mumm's Extra Dry, furnished by Charley Montaldo.
The badge is one of the handsomest the reporter has ever seen, and there is probably no one who better deserves such a token of esteem from our citizens than Marshal Sam Blonger, who is one of the most efficient officers in the territory, and certainly the best marshal New Albuquerque ever had.

Marshal Blonger found out to-day that badge was a birth-day present. He was thirty-five years old yesterday.

NOTE: He was actually 43.




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