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Michael Belonger

The Blonger Boys were better
known for their exploits
than for their cookin',
but we'd like to think they'd
saddle up for some of these.


The Fixer's Salad Fixin's Bar

Heaps and heaps of Fixin's, from fresh fruit, greens and veggies, to homemade pasta salads, to our dazzling array of sauces and spices.



The Usual Suspects

All entrees come with a trip to the Fixer's Salad Fixin's Bar and one side.

We only use fine Shullsburg® cheeses

Van Cise

A sizzling 12 oz. Prime Filet Mignon, named for the Tenderfoot Prosecutor himself. $26.99

Filet Mignon

The D.A.

A full 16 oz. of tender T-Bone broiled to order. Send it back and we'll have to press charges! $28.99


17th Street

Full rack of mouth waterin' slow-roasted BBQ Pork Ribs. Named for the street that made Lou Blonger rich, just like our tangy San Angelo Sauce! Half Rack $8.99 Full Rack $18.99


The Colonel

Roast Chicken with green chilies and red peppers — served with San Angelo Sauce on the side. Colonel Van Cise, we salute you! $16.99


Dapper Jackie

Trout Filet in Herb & Garlic Butter Sauce with Bell Peppers and Bacon, topped with Sun-dried Tomatoes and Diced Chiles. Named for bookmaker and con man Dapper Jackie French. $14.99


Blonger Burger

Full lb. and a half Prime Colorado beef on a Sourdough bun, with 5 pieces of thick-cut bacon and Gouda cheese sauce. Sam's personal favorite. We cook 'em out back for that extra zing. $6.99


Duffy Dog

Full lb. and a half Prime Colorado beef on a Sourdough bun, named for Lou's second-in-command, Adolph Duff. It's one big dog, with tons o' Fixin's. $5.99

Hot Dog



Frenchie's Fries

Two whole half potatoes, deep, deep-fried and oh so good. Dapper Jackie couldn't get enough! $5.59

Denver Ed's Fantastic Fried Onion

A massive Onion, battered with spices and deep-fried to a crispy "crunch". Spicy San Angelo Sauce on the side. $5.59

TJ's Famous Sourdough Minié-Balls

Mmmmmmmm. Sourdough Minié-Balls... Just like the one in Uncle Joe's hip, but tastier! Basket of 48. $5.59



Strawberry Kid Par-Fay

Slim Blackie Shake

Fat Jack Diet Smoothie

Big Nose Pie

Smithy the Bearcakes

Blind Man's Delight