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Blonger Bros. Dining Rooms

We've faithfully recreated the life and times
of the Blonger Bros. to give you an authentic taste
of the American West.


The Forest Queen

Forest Queen Mine

Go underground to dine in the Forest Queen, Lou Blonger's personal gold mine and meal ticket. The quiet trickle of water from the ceiling is interrupted only occasionally by a blast of dynamite from down the long corridor. Our servers, clad in overalls and outfitted with miner's helmets, will serve your meal in a metal lunch bucket. Canaries help assure that the environment remains smoke-free. There's no silverware in the room, but feel free to dig into our delectable offering with your own miniature pickax.


The Elite


The Elite Saloon was the rootin'-tooin'-est hangout in Denver during the 1890s, and so too is our modern recreation. You may have to dodge a stray bullet or two as the waitress shows you to your seat. Don't be surprised if the table's a little rickety; we seem to have a hard time keeping them in one piece. If the gals don't break out in the can-can before the night's over, it's only because the place has been raided. And don't ask for light beer unless you want to get thrown out the door.


The Big Store

Denham Building

Here's the fake stock exchange where Lou Blonger's gang set up unwitting tourists for the final payoff. No waiters here. You'll have to walk up to the window and place your order with the teller. We'll take your money and a few minutes later, you'll realize that the entire staff has absconded, leaving you with a worthless receipt and a big lump in your throat. At least, that's what Lou would have done.


The Sunday School


Modeled after the kindergarten room of the First Universalist Church, where the Blonger Gang was first confined, you'll find our chairs and tables most accommodating — if you're four years old. Our crack crew of Colorado Rangers will treat you right, as long as you stay inside the roped-off area and keep the chatter to a minimum. The kitchen is closed, unfortunately, so you'll have to make do with a peanut butter sandwich, an apple, and water from the little drinking fountain on the wall.


The Big House


When you've survived the other rooms, you're ready for the ultimate Blonger Bros. experience — the Slammer. Warden Thomas Tynan and the Cañon City prison guards will make your experience something to write home about. What the menu lacks in variety, it makes up in consistency. And don't worry about chipping the dinnerware; tin is unbreakable.