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Alias Soapy Smith

Wonder Horse of All the Ages.

Deneen was an imaginary horse used by the gang
in Denver in racing cons. Never lost a race.


One afternoon at Eighteenth and California streets in Denver, he won three races in less than thirty minutes. He parlayed $1,000 into $92,000 almost as quick as you can say "confidence game." That was a typical performance for Deneen. Flying around the old Denham building racetrack, he was as beautiful a sight as you could hope to see.

Empire Magazine, Denver Post, (no date — 1950s)

Denin, the Wonder Horse of all the Ages

The caption reads: "This portrait of Denin, wonder horse of all the ages, was drawn especially for the Sunday News from a memory sketch furnished by Witnesses Oppenheimer and Landman in the bunko trial now being held at West Side Criminal court."

Clean sweep

Deneen was named for Illinois governor Charles Deneen, who had at one time pardoned a grifter who was later part of the Denver gang.

Denee loses last race



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