Pronouncing the Name

When we first saw the names Belonger and Blonger, we assumed, as you may have, that they were pronounced like the word “longer“. It’s hard to tell because the name is very nearly unique, but the evidence suggests three options:

We use what we believe to be the Americanized pronunciation, which rhymes with conjure.

If you’re feeling French, give it that continental sound, blohn-zhuh.

Or if you’re a cheesehead, you may say like some still say Belonger in the old home town, be-lahn-jee.

2 thoughts on “Pronouncing the Name

  1. Hello,
    You may remember that I did some research into Billy Nuttall the Showman of Deadwood and Leadville in particular. I have a lot of information on Billy and have met his great grandson, who lives in England, and have obtained a photo of Billy taken on his second wedding day. I also visited his grave in Colorado and took photos. There is also a reference to him being in South Africa in the late 1880s. I have too much to put it down here but should you be interested I can forward some of the most interesting information to you. PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGED email.

  2. I was most interested to read the above message. I am researching the life of “Banjo Dick” Brown and have found a report in which Brown recalled playing for Billy Nuttall in Denver in the early 1870’s. He also said he went to England with Nuttall, and afterwards to South Africa.
    I have read that Nuttall was in England in 1888 for his second marriage and then went to South Africa, but Brown’s whereabout at that date seem to be fairly well accounted for. Do you have any information on whether Billy Nuttall was in England in the early seventies? Or any information on his relationship with Brown? If so, I would love to hear from you.

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