Desperately Seeking Sam

Sam Blonger’s headstone, from the north?
Sam Blonger’s headstone, from the south?

Do you have an eye for detail? Then you might like this puzzler.

We recently discovered Sam Blonger’s gravesite online, thanks to these photos from Scotti McCarthy. From her Find-a-Grave post, we know that Sam is buried in Section 20 of Riverside Cemetery. I think it will be easy enough to find Sam’s grave when we visit it in person this summer, but I’m impatient. I want to know exactly where he’s buried, and I want to know right now. Can we figure out the precise location of his final resting place using information posted on the internet, and nothing more? Why, I think we can.

One thought on “Desperately Seeking Sam

  1. Very cool Scott. I could not locate the grave but I am confident you did. Once you visit it in the summer remember to log the GPS coordinates. In fact, there is an online site (will have to use my GPS to find it again) that plans to log every known grave in the U.S.

    Jeff Smith

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